• Edison Pearls

    Edison Pearls

    larger, lustrous freshwater pearls with a range of natural colors and patterns

  • Seed Pearls

    Seed Pearls

    Explore our range of delicate and versatile seed pearls for a touch of sophistication in your jewelry designs

  • Gemstones


    Discover vibrant gemstones to enhance your jewelry designs with unique beauty and character

  • Chicken Feet Pearls

    Chicken Feet Pearls

    Specially shaped chicken feet pearls

  • Pearl Skull

    Pearl Skull

    Hand carved pearl skulls

  • Coin Pearls

    Coin Pearls

    Round coin shaped pearls, can come in square, rectangle or star shapes

New In

These are our assortment of new products!

  • QBM Shipping Discount

    QBM Shipping Discount

    Free shipping for orders over $35. Start shopping now!

  • Grand Opening!

    Grand Opening!

    This is the grand opening of our online store! Use this link to learn more about us!



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